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The money or funds for the scheme comes from the premium that all motorists pay when they first register their vehicle for the road, and again at each annual renewal.

The motor vehicles (Third Party) Insurance Act is designed to provide compensation to people injured in motor vehicle accidents.

These funds are collected to pay individual claims, and an amount is set aside to educate drivers in safe driving practice to help prevent accidents and so reduce the suffering caused by the accidents.

Scope of Cover

The National Government designed the Act to provide cover in two parts: The first part is to make funds (compensation) available to an injured person, or to the dependents of a deceased, when the owner/driver is responsible to the injury or death of another person following a motor vehicle accident. It is important to note that the owner or driver must be liable in law for the injury or death before compensation is paid. It does not compensate the driver responsible for the accident.

The second part is called Basic Protection Compensation (BPC) which is a very specific cover and only relates to a person being killed in a motor vehicle accident. A District Court Magistrate / Coroner will consider making Court Order for money to be paid to help prevent disputes and tension that often follows a motor vehicle related death. You should take careful note that this only relates to a death and not for injury. Also it is not necessary to prove that the owner / driver was legally liable for the death.

You can obtain Compulsory Third Party Insurance, Motor Vehicle Registration Driving Licenses and report Compulsory Third Party Claims at Kunai Street Hohola.

  • Any form of injury caused by motor vehicle
  • Death caused by motor vehicle
Not Covered
  • Damage to properties
  • Damage to motor vehicles
  • The driver at fault or alone

CTP Insurance

Motor Vehicles Insurance Ltd advices the public that the new premium rates shown below take effect from 15th April 2008 in accordance with the Motor Vehicles Insurance (Third Party Amendment) Act 2000.

To view the premium rate for your vehicle, select a vehicle description from the list provided below.

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