Mission & Vision

Our Vision

Play an active role in the development of Papua New Guinea through commerce, industry and all aspects of the economy with the underlying vision to enhance the quality of life of all citizens through;

  • Provision of innovative, affordable, dependable and effective insurance packages
  • Promotion of road safety for all the traveling public
  • Take on the leadership role in modeling, inspiring and influencing the business community in worlds best practices
  • Play a leadership role in promoting sustainable economic development in Papua New Guinea

Our Mission

To provide accessible and affordable Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurance service to motor vehicle owners in PNG.

We strive to achieve the above through the following endeavours.

  • Promptly and efficiently process all insurance claims at all times
  • Enhance accessibility of CTP insurance through strong presence in all provinces
  • To ensure prudent investment of CTP premiums with the view to make premiums affordable to all motor vehicle owners.
  • To actively promote road safety in Papua New Guinea