Make sure your vehicle is ROADWORTHY, and has GOOD STEERING, BRAKES AND TYRES.

A current certificate of roadworthiness is not enough on its own, it only means the vehicle was safe when the certificate was issued. SO CHECK YOUR VEHICLE REGULARLY.

Your vehicle must be REGISTERED and INSURED (for injury) with the Motor Vehicles Insurance Limited. Vehicle Registration Cost List as amended in Schedule (10)

To print out registration form or download; click here

Registration of Motor Vehicles for Business Use (Trucks and Utes)

Vehicle Class Cost
1 tonne downwards K34500
1 to 2 tonnes K460.00
2 to 3 tonnes K690.00
3 to 6 tonnes K920.00
6 to 8 tonnes K1150.00
8 to 10 tonnes K1380.00
Where gross weight exceeds 10 tones K140.00 per extra tonne

To print out registration form or download; click here


Vehicle Class Cost
Motorcycle  (Without side car) K185.00
Motorcycle with side vehicle K345.00
Motor Tractors with an Engine Capacity
Tractor – 2500cc downwards K230.00
Tractor – 3000cc (cm3) – 6001cc upwards K370.00
Tractor – 6001cc upwards K575.00
Motor Tractors with Pneumatic Tyres
Tractor – 2500cc downwards K575.00
Tractor – 2501cc to 6000cc K690.00
Tractor – 6001cc upwards K920.00
Earthmoving Vehicles
Forklift K300.00
Front End Loader K400.00
Grader K400.00
Dozer K400.00
Roller K400.00
Other implement not yet specified K400.00
Replacement of Registration Sticker K60.00
Replacement of Registration Sticker – PMV K60.00
Transfer of Registration Number Plate K120.00
Trader Plates K460.00
Plate for use on a motor vehicle K120.00
Plate for use on a motor cycle K120.00
Replacement – certificates for trade plates K120.00
Trailers – 2 metres downwards K115.00
Trailers – 2 to 4 metres K230.00
Trailers – 4 metres upwards K575.00
Transfer of Ownership K60.00
Substitute of Registration Certificate K60.00
Release of Information – Provision K30.00

To print out registration form or download; click here

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