Qualification : Bachelor of Arts (Politics & Public Administration), Bachelor of Education, Diploma in Education, Diploma Economic policy Analysis Master of public policy (Lee Kuan Yew School of public  policy, national university of Singapore) 

Award  : National Logohu Medal Recipient for Examplary Voluntary Services to the Community

Directorship : Pacific MMI, Pacific Reinsurance Limited, Chairman of the National Road Safety Council (PNG)

Professional Membership: PNG Institute of Directors, Life Member of International Development Evaluators Association

Qualification:  Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Management), Advanced Diploma of Business (Accounting)

Professional Membership:  PNGA Institute of Accountants

Qualifications: Diploma in PNG Insurance Institute, Diploma Business Management Certificate-Investigate Management and Practice, Senior Associate-Australia and New Zealand and Finance (Snr. Assoc-ANZIIF), Certified Insurance Professional)-Australia New Zealand and Finance (CIP ANZIIF)

Awards:            Honorary BEM award for to Insurance Industry

Experience:      30 Year insurance Experience 

Qualification :  Bachelor in Business and Management (Major in HumanResource) Diploma in Human Resource Management

Professional Membership : PNG Human Resource Institute

Experience :16 years 

Qualification : Master of Professional Business Studies (IT), Bachelor of Management Information Systems, Diploma in Microcomputer Information system

Experience : 21 years of experience IT both Public and Private Sector

Qualification : Bachelor of COMMERCE (BAC)


Experience :  17 years in Internal Audit, Accounting and Risk Management

Qualification : Bachelor of Law (LLB)

Membership : PNG Law Society

Experience : Almost 10 years of experience in law practice both in law firms and private companies



You must notify Motor Vehicles Insurance Limited immediately if you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident and acquired injury..

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Vehicle Registration

A current certificate of roadworthiness is not enough on its own, it only means the vehicle was safe when the certificate was issued..

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Insurance Cover

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