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  • 1. Vehicle Registration Related Forms
  • 2. Claims Related Forms
  • 3. Driver’s License Related Forms
  • 4. CTP Insurance Related Forms
  • 5. Statutory Declaration Form

Vehicle Registration Forms

Application for Grant Renewal of Motor Vehicle or Motor Cycle.pdf

Application for Registration or Renewal of Registration of Motor Vehicle_Form 7

Application for Transfer of Registration of a Motor Vehicle_Form 8

Checklist 1.1 Renewal of Vehicle Registration if Expired (more than a year)

Checklist 2.1 Imported Vehicle – Individual Corporate

Checklist 2.2 Imported Vehicle – Motor Car Dealers

Checklist 2.3 Imported Vehicle – Under Diplomatic Privileges

Checklist 3.1 Transfer of Ownership – Individual to Individual

Checklist 3.2 Transfer of Ownership – Organisation to Individual

Checklist 3.3 Transfer of Ownership – Individual to Organisation

Checklist 3.4 Transfer of Ownership – Organisation to Organisation

Checklist 3.5 (1) Internal Tender Vehicle

Checklist 3.5 (2) External Tender Vehicle

Checklist 3.6 Endorsement of Number Plates – PMV Taxi to Private

Checklist 3.7 Deceased Motor Vehicle Owner

Checklist 3.8 Motor Vehicle Owner Going Finish

Checklist 3.9 Salvaged Motor Vehicle

Checklist 4.1(a) Swapped Engine or Chasis – Company

Checklist 4.1(b) Swapped Engine or Chasis – Individual

Checklist 4.1(c) Swapped Engine or Chasis – Workshop or Wreckers or Motor Cars Dealers

Checklist 4.10 New Import – Heavy Vehicles & Trailers

Checklist 4.2 Colour Change or Spray Painted Vehicle

Checklist 4.3 Endorsement of Number Plate – Private to PMV Taxi

Checklist 4.4 Plate Change – Black & White to ‘Z’ Plate

Checklist 4.5 Request for New Plate – Stolen Vehicle

Checklist 4.6 Plate Change – ‘DC’ Plate to Black & White

Checklist 4.7 Plate Change – Black & White to ‘DC’ Plate

Checklist 4.8 New Number Plate Request

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