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Issuance of driver’s license is a delegated responsibility that MVIL takes up on behalf of some provincial governments. Listed below are guidelines for all issue of driver’s license and learner’s permit transactions.

To drive cars and trucks in Papua New Guinea you must have a license to show that you can drive a particular vehicle properly.

Before you can learn to drive you must have a Learner’s Permit. To obtain a Learner’s Permit to drive a car, a utility or a motor cycle you must be at least 18 years old. To obtain a learner’s permit for any other class of vehicle you must be 21 years old and have already had a driving license for one year.

Guidelines for all issue of driver’s license and learner’s permit transactions.

  • Sections
  • 1. Learner's Permit
  • 2. Provisional Driver's License
  • 3. Provisional Driver's License - Further licensing following cancellation
  • 4. Full Driver's License
  • 5. Upgrading To Driver's License
  • 6. Conversion of Foreign Driver's License
  • 7. Renewal of NCD Driver's License
  • 8. Substitute for Lost Driver's License
  • 9. Non NCD Driver's License
  • 10. Crew Permit for Public Motor Vehicle (PMV)
  • 11. PMV Driver's License (Endorsement)
  • 12. Taxi Cab Driver's License (Endorsement)
  • 13. Private Hire Car Driver's License (Endorsement)
  • 14. Goods Transport Vehicle Driver's License (Endorsement)
  • 15. Download Forms

Learner's Permit

Customer presents the following documents to apply for learner’s permit:

1) Complete application on Form 1.

2) Must pay the prescribed fee.

3) Birth certificate or proof of identity and age.

4) Class 1 or 5 – must be at least be 18 years of age.

5) Class other than Class 1 and 5 – must hold or have held, at least one of the following kinds of license for a continuous period of at least 12 months:

  • A full driver’s license for a class 1 motor vehicle; or,
  • A foreign driver’s license equivalent to a class 1 driver’s license.

6) Must pass the theoretical or knowledge-based test required by the Road Transport Authority.

7) Must pass the eye test and medical examination required by the RTA.

8) May be required to attend at an office of the RTA.

9) Permit valid for 1 year for beginners and 3 months for license upgrade.

NB: If the Learner’s Permit Certificate is lost, the customer has to re-apply for a new permit.


A person who drives a motor vehicle on public road is required by law to have a driver’s license for that class of motor vehicle. It is a traffic offence to drive any form of motor vehicle without a license.

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