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Everyone’s leadership journey is different: Trainer

Some of the participants of the EAC Leadership Program with their certificates. 

To lead and help team members achieve higher levels of passion and productivity needs ongoing practice.

This is the experience of going through the leadership journey as described by MVIL Team Leader –Claims Settlement Mr. Aipe Kanjip.

“The potential is there, and maybe dormant, all it needs is practice to activate it to create change,” he said when asked by EAC Leadership and High Performance Coach Mr. Eddie Aila on his leadership journey.

Mr. Kanjip was among other 10 staff that were presented certificates for completing the Foundation of Leadership Program offered by EAC.

The others were Steven Miamil, Agnes Bayang, Judy Gracelyn Turi, Cathy Onno, Dickson Kom, Leo Chris, Jacinta Kema, Michelle Pint, Anthony Sul and Lalai Vali.

Mr. Aila emphasized that it is important to accept the challenges they go through and allow themselves to bounce back.

“You need to stick to your values and continue to improve as you go.”

It was highlighted that every person’s journey differs from one another, hence, this was confirmed through feedbacks from those present.

Ms. Pint reported she is “making progress and going great” while Ms. Bayang shared that “sometimes we don’t realise we apply it (leadership skills and qualities)”.

The program was to provide the fundamental skills needed to lead.

The presentation was held on Friday 6 May 2022 at MVIL Boardroom.

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