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Congratulations Mr. Makap on your reappointment!

MVIL Chief Operating Officer Mr. Bafino Koi (right) shaking hands with MVIL CEO Mr. Michael Makap to congratulate him on behalf of the MVIL staff. 

The MVIL staff hosted a cake cutting ceremony on Friday 10 June 2022 to congratulate their Chief Executive Officer Mr. Michael Makap on his reappointment to the position.

The event was to recognize and show appreciation of his leadership. In congratulating the CEO on behalf of the staff, MVIL Chief Operating Officer Mr. Bafino Koi, acknowledged the trust shown by the Government and assured Mr Makap of the staff’s continued support towards achieving MVIL’s business aspirations.

A gift symbolizing three (3) wise men was presented to Mr. Makap with the message to “see first, listen carefully and think before talking when it comes to making decisions”.

The CEO in response, said not everybody gets the chance to be appreciated and recognized, “but if you do – it is special”.

“I consider myself a servant. And I’ve always trusted God in everything,” he said, adding “we are all in this together (so) never lose hope in God.

Thank you for being encouraging to recognizing me,” Mr. Makap said.

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